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PrintDAT! Features

Create grid reports 50x faster than conventional reporting tools!
 It takes just 30 seconds and 1 line of code. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Drop a TpdtPrintDAT component on your form
  2. Give it the name of the grid to print
  3. Add "pdtPrintDAT1.Print" to a button.
    and you're done. Compile and run your program.

PrintDAT! makes you more productive
because it has the features programmers want.

  • Print TdbGrid, TStringGrid. TTable, TQuery,
    TDecisionGrid, TDecisionQuery, TwwDBGrid, TwwTable, TwwQuery, T_IBGrid and T_IBQuery.
  • Print from these databases: DBISAM, Advantage, Topaz, FlashFiler, BDE, Apollo, CodeBase, DiamondAccess, DiamondADO or any TDataset compatible component
  • Print super wide grids, 1000+ columns across using horiz. page breaks
  • Create column totals with 1 mouse click. Choose from Count, Sum, Min, Max, Average, Standard Deviation and Variance.
  • Output to screen (built-in report viewer with zoom), printer, text file, clipboard.
  • Add report titles and footers at runtime.
  • Print memos and long strings by word-wrapping within a cell!
  • For the first time ever, print your TDecisionGrid (DecisionCube) and the summarized data (TDecisionQuery) that went into making it.
  • Export any grid, including dbGrids, StringGrids, DecisionGrids, TTable, TQuery to any spreadsheet like MS Excel, to other databases or to graphics programs using ASCII delimited file output.
  • Autosizes the grid column widths. Auto-fits grid to page.
  • Shrink to Page and Expand To Page
  • Newspaper Panels to snake narrow grids across page
  • Report passwords
  • Super fast printing 10+ pages/sec (to a text file)
  • No DLL's or Active-X to worry about. Written in VCL.
  • PrintDAT! is compatible with these third party tools

Once you've used PrintDAT! to print a grid, you'll never go back.

Why PrintDAT!?

Find out why PrintDAT! is better than conventional report writers.

See the steps to create a report

Click here to visit our tutorial page to see how easy it really is!

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Visit our download page for an evaluation version of the component as well as a demo version.

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