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To be notified of updates to PrintDAT! please see our Notification page.

For third party compatibility see the following pages PrintDAT! or SuperFastDistinct

SuperFastDistinct! v1.0 - The fastest way on the planet
to get distinct values from a table

SuperFastDistinct! - Registered Users* Delphi 4 through Delphi 2006 (~5MB)
SuperFastDistinct! - Demo (~6MB)   SFDDemo.zip

PrintDAT!  - Makes all your grids & tables printable

PrintDAT! 1.83 - Component Registered Users* (16 MB) Delphi 7, XE2 through Delphi 11 32-bit & 64-bit (requires subscription)

  • 7-Zip is required to unzip our Component files. It is a free utility available here.

PrintDAT! - PrintDAT! Lite Component - D7,XE2 to D11 32-bit
PrintDAT! - Documentation
PrintDAT! - Font Install Program
PrintDAT! - Demo Program
PrintDAT! - Video Tutorial\

PrintDAT! 1.60(older version) - Component Registered Users* Works with Delphi XE2 and earlier

PrintDAT! 1.59d(older version) - Component Registered Users* Works with Delphi 2010 and earlier.

*-Password Protected for Registered Users Only

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