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PrintDAT! Version 1.80 April 5, 2019
PrintDAT! Updated for Delphi 10.3.1
Packages have been created for Delphi 10.3.1.

PrintDAT! can now print (and export) LMD's TElXTree grid
PrintDAT! (Pro version) can now print LMD's excellent TElXTree component. The tree can appear in a single column with the nodes indented, or each tree level can appear as a separate column. Because PrintDAT! can print very wide reports on up to 100 pages across, the tree column can be fixed at the start of each horizontal report page so the tree can be visible on each page.

Columns can now have their own individual maximum column width
A new Report Settings property has been created TpdtReportSettings.ColMaxWidths that allow columns to have their own maximum column width. To access this feature use the Styles page of the Report Options window or the TpdtPrintDAT.AfterOptionsLoaded event if you want to use code. This is covered in the help file.

Override Column's String Justification
The column's string justification can be overridden in the OnFieldEdit event.
  FieldInfo.FieldAlignment := taRightJustify;

Override Column's Field Type
The column's field type can be overridden in the OnFieldEdit event. The Field Type is normally set  by PrintDAT! when it analyzes the grid data. Overriding it will allow you to take a string that contains numbers for example, and right jusitfy it as if it were a number. This will right justify the string in the center of the column.

  FieldInfo.FieldType := ftInteger;

A Report Options toolbar button has been added to the Report Preview Window
The report preview window now has a report options button in the toolbar. This is in addition to the existing "File > Report Options" menu and the Ctrl-O hot key used to open the report options window from the preview window.

PrintDAT! Reviewed in Delphi Informant magazine!
Author Clay Shannon sums it up nicely: "The Bottom Line: PrintDAT! is an awesome product."  Of course we already knew that. :-)

For further information regarding the features of PrintDAT!™
see our PrintDAT page or to download a trial or demo version that is InfoPower compatible visit our download page.

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