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What's new in this version Top

Version 1.77 Release April 13, 2017

PrintDAT! now supports Delphi 10.2 (Tokyo)

Support for Rosi string grid component TrStringGridEd
PrintDAT! now supports the grid component TrStringGridEd from Rosi.
For more info visit Rosi TrStringGridEd Component

Added new Event "OnHeaderFooterEdit"

The OnHeaderFooterEdit event will be called for each report Title, Header or Footer so the text can be modified before printing. It also has the ability to access the contents of the current record during this event so your titles, headers and footers can display data from the record at the time the event is called. Field Name Tags can be embedded in any of the Report Memos and are automatically replaced with field values from the table being printed.

"What's New" moved to Readme.Rtf

We moved the What's New" section from the help file PD_Dev.chm and PD_Dev.hlp to the Readme.Rtf file so users can read it directly from the 7-zip file before installing the software.

Documentation Updated

The help files, readme, and tutorial.pdf have been update to reflect the new features.


PrintDAT! Reviewed in Delphi Informant magazine!
Author Clay Shannon sums it up nicely: "The Bottom Line: PrintDAT! is an awesome product."  Of course we already knew that. :-)

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