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Benchmark Demo Program
We included a \SuperFastDistinct\Demo\Benchmark\BenchmarkDemo.Dpr program that will benchmark SuperFastDistinct! against SQL for a variety of database engines. The demo program will allow you to open your own tables and compare the speed of SuperFastDistinct! against the speed of your own SQL engine. To get proper benchmarks, run the .exe directly from Windows outside of the Delphi IDE. Make sure the demo program has optimization turned on and debug info turned off.

The benchmarks results can be graphed with the push of a button. We decided to write our own graphics routines after spending way too much time trying to tweak a commercial product. This will allow you to recompile our benchmark program without requiring a 3rd party graphics package. And it looks great too! BTW, the graph column widths are adjustable. Just move the mouse over the column titles and drag the column when the cursor changes shape. There are also a few graph options that are available when you right click on the graph.

Benchmark Your Data 

Our BenchmarkDemo.exe program can

  • Benchmark SuperFastDistinct! versus SQL on your existing database tables
  • Test BDE, Advantage(TM), DBISAM(TM), NexusDb(TM), and kbmMemTable(TM) tables
  • Generate random table data with 1 million rows so you can see the speed difference on large tables.
  • Graph the results
  • Complete source code for the benchmark program is included with the purchase of SuperFastDistinct!
  • Note: The GetTickCount() function was used to time the speed of the benchmarks.
    Since kbmMemTable does not have SQL, we used a filter to accumulate the distinct values in a loop.

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