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Stop creating reports the old fashioned way!

  • Make all your grids, tables, queries, lists, printable.
  • Print the reports to the printer, text file, or export it to a csv file
          so it can be imported into a spreadsheet.
  • Create reports in less than 30 seconds with just 1 line of code:
        1) Drop our PrintDAT component onto a form that has a grid or dataset
        2) Add "TpdtPrintDAT1.Print;" to a button and you're done.



PrintDAT! create reports in 5 seconds

Runtime options include fit to page, report titles, report preview and much more.
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Support for Delphi 7 through  Delphi 10.x  (32-bits & 64-bits)
Produce Unicode Reports

Free copy of PrintDAT! Lite is available from our download page.

PrintDAT! now offers a subscription service
Like many other developers we are charging a modest fee for updates to PrintDAT!. In the past we had provided 50 or so free updates over the past 10 years. In order to continue support a subscription program was necessary. This provides you with email support with a response within 24 hrs and phone support for 1 year.

Delphi Informant Magazine
Author Clay Shannon sums it up nicely:
"The Bottom Line: PrintDAT! is an awesome product."

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