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PrintDAT! uses an IBM linedraw font to draw lines on the report. We include a free linedraw font (Letter Gothic Line) that works well with English language reports. (see below)

Unfortunately it does not have accented characters that are needed with non-English languages. There are 3 solutions to this problem:

  1. You can use your own linedraw font if you have one in your native language.
  2. You can have PrintDAT! use its ASCII linedraw characters and your local Courier font. This will produce spaces between the lines but will give you the accented characters that you are looking for. (see below)
  3. Use a font editor on your local font, Courier for example, to move the linedraw characters down to unused character locations below 255. Most fixed spaced fonts have linedraw characters but they are above ASCII location 255 and Delphi cannot access them. A font editor (not supplied) can copy and paste the glyphs to a new location below ASCII 255.

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